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The best ways to improve the immune system

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The Best Ways To Improve The Immune System

When the flu and cold season hits, companies that manufacture cold and flu products make their fortunes. This happens year in and year out as consumers unfailing neglect their well-being and then search frantically for ways to regain it after it’s been challenged by harmful invaders like germs and viruses. But, suppose you could actually protect yourself from illness by simply encouraging the body to do what it is already hard-wired to do. Discovering the best ways to improve the immune system will make you less susceptible to illness and more robust overall.

Efforts to improve your immunity must start with efforts to improve your overall lifestyle. The body functions its best when it is unencumbered by unnecessary toxins. Thus, you want to begin by eliminating the use of harmful insecticides and other non-essential chemicals in your home. You also want to limit your alcohol intake and your consumption of low-value foods or foods that provide limited nutritional value and ultimately do more harm than good. If you smoke; enter a smoking cessation program and adopt a mindset of doing better for your body.

Vitamins And Foods To Boost Your Immune System

People should know that the fastest and surest way to expose the body to nutrients that it can actually use is to consume high-value, organic foods that have been altered very little and can be consumed closest to its natural state. You will get the most nutrients and natural healing benefits from foods like these and thus, it pays to spend a bit more to get non-GMO food products that have been raised or grown by reputable, ethical farms that are committed to providing quality.

Many foods actually have the ability to make your body better able to protect itself against harmful invaders. The best of these are fermented foods and foods that have live and active cultures in them. These contain ample stores of the beneficial bacteria that will wage war on your behalf, on a microscopic scale, in order to fend off bacteria and viruses. They make you less susceptible to infection and many of these organisms also play very important roles in supporting various organ systems. They are therefore a critical part of maintaining general balance and all-around good health. Try consuming kefir or raw yogurt, raw honey, kimchi, tempeh and other foods that will replenish your beneficial bacteria stores. If you don’t have enough of these, little else will work well in terms of making you impervious to illness.

Certain spices are also excellent to this end. Cayenne pepper is a wonderful spice to include in your diet. It instant regulates blood pressure and gives blood circulation a considerable boost. This cleanses the blood through accelerated movement so that there are less toxins impairing the way in which the body works. It also clears the lungs of toxins by acting as a powerful expectorant and forcing the lungs to expel toxin-filled mucus. Turmeric is a yellow root spice that has some 600 reported health benefits, not the least of which is the ability to significantly enhance natural immunity. This is fat soluble, rather than water soluble and should therefore be served with some type of fat such as coconut oil or olive oil. You can enhance its overall health and immune boosting benefits by using turmeric in your meals along with cracked, black pepper.

Look for produce that is vibrant with color. Each color in the spectrum will have its own beneficial array of antioxidants and phytonutrients for preventing sickness and infection. Get plenty of dark, leafy greens for the essential minerals they contain and think about supplementing with bone broth to avoid magnesium deficiency, which is becoming an increasing common issues. If you are trying to lose weight, focus on eating things that are good for you, rather than cutting foods or food groups out. If you load up on lots of nutrient-dense and immune supporting foods, you will hardly have room for foods that tear your body down.

Should you choose to use supplements, make sure that you are always getting high-potency products that are pure and offered by well-known and well-trusted supplement manufacturers. Find out what the rates of anticipated absorption is as well. Although products promise to supply marked amounts of targeted nutrients, your body may not be able to properly absorb and metabolize all of these.

The Wim Hof Method

These might be things that you are doing already. If so, you can start researching and implementing more aggressive ways to support your body. Ayurvedic medicine has long hailed the benefits of oil pulling for both detoxifying the body and priming it for success. This is as simple as placing a bit of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth and swirling it around. When you spit the oil out, you will be spitting out a host of harmful bacteria and toxins. There are even mind over matter methods that place you in total control over how your body responds to the world outside of it. For instance, the Wim Hof method is designed to show people that they are in control of the body’s conscious and unconscious actions. This means that they can choose to slow their heart rates down just as easily as they can choose to lift their arms.

This method is largely centered around meditative practices. Focusing on what you want deeply and fully will invariably create the mental conditions that are necessary for bringing you closer to it. It is a concept that can work on many levels. Those who seriously ascribe to this practice recognize it as a willful and strategic manipulation of naturally-existing yet unseen forces. Rather than taking the body’s impressive capabilities for granted, they work to clear their heads of unnecessary and distracting thoughts in order to focus on controlling bodily conditions that generally automatic, rather than manually controlled. In addition to meditation, strategies such as cold water immersion are also used to condition the body to maintain a static response to external factors. One of the benefits of being able to control normally automatic functions, is the advantage of being able to manual control the immune system when a more aggressive, protective response is required.

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