The Wim Hof Method on Fire includes information about boosting your immune system, sauna, best supplements to increase your immune system, breathing techniques and Cryosauna

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Boost your Immune System

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Get healthy and boost your immune system naturally!

Yes, it can be done, you just have to have patience and be consistent.

Proper diet and workout are essential for your health, but there are some things that you can do to improve your health and your energy.

Today, we are living in an unhealthy world. People are always busy, running for their jobs and careers and there is no time for a man to sit and think about his health and his body. Bad habits are also improving this unhealthy state, and not to mention junk food. However, there are ways that can help us to get back on the track and start with healthy living again. In this article, we will try to cover some ways that will restore your immune system.

Why is the immune system important for you? Well, the immune system helps us to build protection against different viruses and bacteria. When the immune system is weak, we are subjected to different types of illnesses. Everything you do affects your immune system – food, drink, sleep, etc. Here are some natural ways to build your immune system.

How to boost your immune system quickly and naturally


Breathing and the immune system

Breathing is the most important process for your basic survival.

Since Oxygen is one of the main substances that partakes in the creation of our body, it is completely logical that proper breathing can bring you a lot of benefits.

Let’s take for example, the Tibetan monks and their breathing techniques.

  • They are able to raise their body temperature level with a special type of meditation, which is based on a specific breathing technique.
  • They are even able to bear incredible amounts of pain because they want to.
  • As the matter of fact, the basis of any type of meditation is breathing.

breathing techiques used by tibetan monks can help increase your immune system
This is enough for us to understand that deep breathing and Oxygen can improve our immune system.

So, how can you improve your immune system with breathing? Well, the first thing to mention here is that, while you are breathing you are feeding your cells with oxygen, and deeper and stronger you breathe the greater amount of oxygen you are feeding your cells with. This is discussed in great detail here at the Wim Hof Method on Fire

If you are eager to try some of the breathing techniques, just chose any type of meditation that involves deep breathing.

Focus on your deep breaths while visualizing the energy that runs through your body with each breath you take. Try to feel the pleasant sensation that the oxygen brings you. While you are breathing tend to breathe through your nose, while you can exhale through your mouth. Do it slowly and it will surely be pleasant for you.

Let us see an example of a breathing technique that can improve your health. The basic is to take deep breaths in a regular order.

Inhale slowly and count to five. The duration of your inhale should be 5 seconds.

After that, keep the air in your lungs for another five seconds and then exhale.

The exhale duration should also be five seconds, but when there is no air in your lungs don’t make a long break, but try to repeat the action as soon as possible.

In a short time notice, you will feel how your body gets relaxed and how your mind is calm.

This can improve any aspect of your health if you are focusing on it while breathing. Pay attention to your whole development after you have been working the breathing techniques for some time, and you will notice that there are positive changes.

Use Cold Showers

Having a cold shower doesn’t sound good, at all. We’ve all tried it and we all know how unpleasant it was. However, like many things in life, a cold shower is an unpleasant thing that is actually good for you.

Try breathing deeply while taking a cold shower. This increases overall oxygen intake and increases our heart rate.

By improving the circulation of our body, cold water is helping our system to battle different bacteria. The arteries get wider and the blood pressure rises. The blood then delivers useful substances to our organs because it moves faster.

Cold water can also lower our blood pressure, create a stronger heart, healthier arteries and strengthen the immune system.
Cold showers can help boost your immune system quickly

The Wim Hof method

Imagine that you just don’t have to worry about your health. Wouldn’t that be great? Snow, rain, summer heat, all of those are not your concern because they can’t affect your health condition. Well, there is a way to achieve this state.

There is a program called The Wim Hof Method, developed by Wim Hof, a man who is able to control his immune system. This gives him freedom to face any type of weather and situation, without suffering. He has developed his system using different breathing techniques, meditation techniques and the use of extreme temperatures, specially the cold so and has scientifically proven that you can improve the state of your body and health through meditation.

Wim is a known world recorder in many disciplines that consists of endurance in very cold conditions. He was also a guest of popular show Fact or Faked, where he has proven that he is truly an Iceman, as people call him.

The basis of his knowledge is breathing. Wim puts trust in different breathing techniques that helped him with reaching the state of complete immunity to sickness. Wim has a philosophy of curing the world of sickness, and he believes that every man can use his own mind to battle the harmful conditions. That is why you can find many of his teachings on the internet, and as an example, we are giving you one of his advice on how to improve your immune system and health condition.
There are few steps that you can follow:

      1) Relaxation – Sit in a comfortable posture and relax your body and your mind.
      2) Take 30 deep breaths – Breathe deeply and while inhaling inhale with your stomach, and then exhale. The stomach is very important here because with its spread the air gets more space in the lungs.
      3) Do the scan of your body – Try to feel your whole body and see if there are some painful or tight spots. If these spots exist, try to calm that sensation down. Do this while you are taking those 30 breaths.
      4) A deep inhale – Inhale as deep as you can after you have repeated those 30 breaths. Feel the oxygen filling your body and swirling all around you. This sensation should be very pleasant.
      5) Use the energy – Inhale once again. When you fill your lungs hold this breath. Put your chin down to your lungs, and hold it for about 15 seconds. You should be able to direct the energy into a particular part of the body.

However, this may sound good to you, but since it is a type of meditation you should take some time for practice. Don’t let the failure discourage you, because nothing good comes in a second. Take some time and practice, and you will see the results.

Get some Sauna

People have been using saunas for thousands of years because they figured out that sweating is good for your body and health. However, detoxification is not the only benefit that we can get from saunas. We can also improve our immune system, and solve some health issues.

What happens when you are enjoying a sauna? Your blood comes to the surface of the body, the pores get open and that’s the reason why you are sweating. However, it is important that the pores can get closed effectively and that improves the overall blood circulation. Try gently scratching or rubbing your skin while you are in the sauna, and you will see how faster the sweating will begin. This way your pores will be wide open, the toxins will be disposed and your circulation will improve.

However, keep in mind that after the sauna you will have to get under some cold shower or dip into the cold water. This may be uncomfortable, but it is essential to the success of the whole process. Dipping into a cold pool will close your pores and restore your immune system. This may sound crazy, but it will surely boost your immune system. Try to do it during the winter days when there is a greater possibility of getting ill. After you’ve done one session you can relax, get cozy and repeat everything again.

This can be very uncomfortable, that is clear, but keep in mind that every beginning is hard and that after few tries you will accept the steps and get used to them. When this happens, the cold water will not be a problem for you.

Besides immune system boost, regular visits to the sauna can bring you other benefits. Sauna and sweating can help you to lose some weight because each session will cost you around 300 calories. It can also help your mind and body to relax. The heat can diffuse the pain and it can relax your muscles. Your mind will be intoxicated with the heat, and all bad thoughts will vanish.

Get Chriotherapy or “Cold Sauna”

Cryotherapy is a term that is used in modern medicine. It refers to a special surgical process where abnormal tissues are being destroyed by extreme cold. This is usually done with a cold laser. However, besides this meaning, cryotherapy has also a wider usage in the shape of so-called cryosaunas.

Cryosauna or cold sauna is a special device that is used in different treatments. This looks like a small chamber where a person enters and gets subdued to the therapy. The outer temperature of our body gets reduced to +12�C, in a very short time period. This temperature level is maintained for 3 minutes, after which it gets back to normal.

In a cryosauna, there is no humidity, and the body can’t get stripped of heat as it would after a cold shower. The fact is that without humidity you won’t perceive the cold as extreme as it is. Another thing here, you will also inhale twice the amount of oxygen as you are normally inhaling, which will help your circulation.

It is obvious that this type of treatment also improves your immune system, and there are other cryosauna benefits, too. By lowering the body temperature to an extreme level, and then rising it up, cryosauna treatments can help you to battle different skin diseases. Since the treatment makes the body stronger, it can also be used to reduce the pain and hypersensitivity to pain. It is also used in the beauty industry because it can improve the quality of your skin and your hair, just like cold water can.

Cryosauna is not a very common method used for immunity system improvements. People are using different approaches to this for one good reason – sessions at cryosaunas are expensive. Yes, it can cost even $70 per session. However, if you have a desire to try this approach, then you can always find a way.


In this article, we’ve tried to cover different approaches for immune system boosting. As you can notice, they are all referring to temperature treatments, which mean that the temperature affects your immune system the most. You can try them all and see what impact do they have on your health state.

Breathing is essential and you should include deep breaths into your everyday activities. A cold shower can bring you many benefits if you are able to go through the tough beginning. This is also a rule with sauna treatment, but keep in mind that the cold shower or a dip into the cold water is essential for success. Cryosauna is an interesting and new approach, but it can cost you some money. It’s up to you to choose the method that suits you the best and works on immune system improving benefits. Be assured that all these methods are completely natural, and they cannot bring you any harm but only benefits.

If any or all of the above sound interesting to you, then we highly recommend the Wim Hof Method and Teachings that can be found here