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How to build the immune system

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Learn How To Build The Immune System

Whether or not you get sick when everyone else does is highly dependent on how well you take care of your body. Some people seem to be absolutely immune to illness. Rather than attributing this to good genes, you should know, however, that continued well-being is the result of many, conscious decisions to eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and to pamper the body and all its key systems. Following is what you need to know about how to build the immune system.

All You Need To Build A Healthy Immune System

There are a host of factors that can affect your personal immunity. Exposure is foremost among these. People who live robust social lives are in contact with more germs and illnesses than those who do not. This gives their bodies a chance to recognize and build up a defense against different bacteria and viruses. While you might be tempted to sequester yourself away and to avoid physical contact, being with and connecting with others on a regular basis actually makes your body far smarter and far more adept at doing its job. Surprisingly, getting sick also has the same impact on your body. Certain illnesses can only be caught once. These are usually bacterial illnesses that do not mutate or become more virulent like viruses. Once your body has been exposed to the related germs, it won’t have a problem effectively fighting off these same illnesses in the future. With this in mind, don’t sideline your social life just because flu season has come rolling around. Instead, take good care of yourself and trust that your body knows how to manage the challenges of social exposure.

In addition to exposure, which is fairly easy to get, you also have to have a balanced diet and sleep schedule and a decent exercise plan. These are the things that foster and fuel your immunity. Sleep gives your body the chance to rid itself of toxins, catch up on its work and restore areas that are starting to flag. You should try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each and every day. You should also know that if you’re having sleep troubles, these will generally abate once you start aggressively working to resolve health problems in other areas.

Nutritional deficiencies are one major and very common cause of both sleep troubles and lowered immunity. These occur either because people are not eating enough of the right foods or their simply investing in foods that have a substandard nutritional quality. It is important to always look for foods that have a high nutrient content such as organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed meats and dairy. Many people are also supplementing their diets with things like coconut water and bone broth, in order to ensure that they are getting enough of essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and manganese.

Spinal subluxations or areas of the spine that aren’t correctly aligned can also impair the functionality of the human immune system. These occur when the body is subjected to a jarring impact and the vertebrae get shifted out of position. People often develop subluxations as the result of car accidents. Alignment issues such as these make it difficult for the brain and the nerves to communicate with one another effectively. As a result, immunity declines and chemical imbalances, mood swings and muscle spasms among many other issues can occur. Working with a chiropractor or a physical therapist can be essential for resolving these issues and regaining overall well-being.

It Is Important To Build The Respiratory System And The Digestive System Too

Stress is a key cause of lowered immunity. Most Westerners are constantly walking around in a state of respiratory distress due to their substandard breathing practices and poor posture. In short, their breathing methods aren’t supplying the most optimal amount of energy to the brain or other vital, internal systems. Diaphragmatic breathing is far better. This is the traditionally Eastern practice of moving the diaphragm while breathing, rather than hitching the shoulders up. Try it by placing your hand on the abdomen and making your stomach push your hand out when you breath in. Several focused minutes of deep and controlled, diaphragmatic breathing can completely alleviate both physiological and emotional stress. To further support good respiration, try adding cayenne to your diet or taking it in capsule form. This acts like a natural expectorant so that the lungs expel toxins and mucus. If you smoke, enter a cessation program and start oil pulling to dry toxins up and out of the chest area and expel them from the body. These efforts will greatly enhance your natural immunity.

Retaining lots of toxic waste in the digestive tract can make you very susceptible to illness. Fasting is a great way to clear out this waste, but there are also a number of highly effective detox products that you can use instead. When you fast, you stop inundating your digestive system with new waste and new toxic materials that it has to process. Over time, residues from chemical food products and toxic foods such as refined, white carbohydrate, corn syrup and all-around processed foods leave a tarry, black lining on the walls of the lower intestine. These toxins can enter the blood stream and affect a person’s health. When people fast and the body has the opportunity to get rid of this tarry matter, problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne, often abate. As the complexion clears and the body is rid of general aches and pains, immunity and overall functioning are improved.

A fast can be the total cessation of all food consumption for a limited period of time. It can also be an extended period of subsisting on only one thing such as a juice fast, which limits the individuals intake of nutrients to fresh juices alone. With detox products, there is usually the inclusion of capsules that contain finely ground abrasives. These enter the lower digestive tract and slowly scrape off and break down trapped matter, for a cleaner and better functioning body overall.

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All you need to build a healthy immune system

It is important to build the respiratory system and digestive system too